Since 1898, Vic's family has managed Preignes le Neuf terroir with passion and enthusiasm out of respect for this land of vines for thousands of years. The presence of vines on this land goes back at least to Roman times, the remains of a villa were updated in 1964 during the preparation of a parcel.
This discovery shows how the wine tradition is strong on this land and gives the desire and the duty to show that these southern land have exceptional qualities that only love for work well done can bring to light.

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In 1973, the vineyard increased over 40% by creating new parcels on hunting’s old land. At that time, it was considered as a challenge because of the Languedoc crisis, even more because low yield varietals were planted.

Such an enlargement modified the cellar in depth by adding vats in order to vinify all the harvest. The challenge was to avoid breaking the estate’s architectural balance.

 The 19th century’s castle is different from the others. Indeed, besides its fully symetric architecture, the castle has a 4 hectares park, which is a remarkable size at the regional. Unfortunately, 80 trees were uprooted by two storms in 1998 and in 2001. Most of them were trees of over a hundred years old. Since then, we’ve worked on to arrange it. Much time must yet pass before the park to get back its former glory.



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