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At Preignes, the same family has cultivated this estate during 5 generations with passion and respect. This remarquable terroir has always produced wines at least for over 2000 years, with greeks and romans.
We are proud to elaborate wines from this unique and exceptional land of garrigue.

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In south of France, in the heart of Languedoc, like a boat in the middle of an ocean with green and vines, Château de Preignes le Neuf overlooks a 300 hectares estate. The vineyard spreads in gentle slopes along the Libron river, quiet and charming...

Since 1898, Vic's family has managed Preignes le Neuf terroir with passion and enthusiasm out of respect for this land of vines for thousands of years. The presence of vines on this land goes back at least to Roman times, the remains of a villa were updated in 1964 during the preparation of a parcel...

Our production policy is based on, on one hand researching terroir expression of Preignes le Neuf in order to do unique wines and on the other hand   keeping on this quality, year after year...

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